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Our references show the commitment to reduce the environmental footprint of the build environment. We’re not only looking for the latest technology. At PLUS, we`re a much bigger proponent of load reduction through careful concept design.

Green does not have to cost more

Carefully positioning and massing the building result in a more cost effective solution. We also rethink ways to heat, cool and ventilate in a more effective way." Both strategies result in a downsized cooling installation and reduced electricity consumption, saving both running cost and investment.

Balance quality and cost

 “dedicated to detail” means our care and attention to detail drives towards quality.

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March 2017

Finally above the ground… Vermeiren China celebrates the completion of the piling and foundation works. Now looking forward to the realization of remaining 25.000 m2 building.

September 2016

CFL China appointed PLUS for its Phase II expansion project of 38.000 m2 of production floor. Production will be stacked on several floors with a 24m column free span. Looking forward to see this become reality!

November 2015

PLUS and Eisenmann completed stage 2, selection of the General Contractor for the new 25.000 m2 campus in Kunshan. A new workspace of 300+ design engineers is on its way to construction.

January 2015

Pneumatech (part of the Atlas Copco group) approached PLUS for complete makeover of their 20.000 m2 wuxi plant. The office block was converted into open plan work space with less walls, more light and air.

June 2014

Bart Mahieu speaks at the Benelux Chamber of Commerce in the event “Making Shanghai’s new construction boom green”. The speech focuses on how to dramatically reduce heating and cooling consumption (and costs) for production buildings.

May 2014

Ammeraal Beltech successfully moves into its 15.000 m2 large new facility. Waste heat, emitted from the production process is collected and then re-used trough the implementation of a heat recovery system. In winter, the collected heat is diverted into the floor heating system in the office, providing a Zero CO2 (and free of charge) heating. A roof garden provides with additional working comfort and doubles as an outdoor working space.

June 2013

Jungheinrich opening ceremony was a most probably the warmest opening ceremony ever. Luckily, the state-of-the-art HVAC system did its work beautifully. 120 boreholes going 80m deep provide enough cooling power to create a comfortable working environment in the 38.000 m2 large building. This site can be a proud example for energy efficient cooling. Jungheinrich was awarded with LEED Silver for its office building.

December 2012

Atlas Copco Completes its 25.000 m2 facility. The first test of the production test heat recovery is a great success. Electric waste heat from testing their assembled products is collected and provides heating AND cooling for the whole office building. The office building runs 100% on collected waste heat. .Click Here to see the drafts 


January 2012

Atlas Copco ground breaking ceremony had lots of attention. See the press report here or here. PLUS designed the main concept design for the total plant (25.000 m2) for this Swedish company. The office building shall apply for LEED Gold and is on track to win the Yang Zi Cup. The total heating and cooling energy for the office building is powered by recycled heat energy from the production. Click Here to see some first drafts

September 2011

Schaeffler Suzhou finalized the construction works for its 22.000m2 plant in Suzhou New District. Plus did the construction follow-up in close collaboration with the Client.

August 2011

VCST Changzhou finished the construction works on site. PLUS was involved in the quality control on site. The building runs with a green Eco system for heating and ventilation. This water-based system allows the client to reach the right temperatures with the minimum amount of energy input.

November 2010

Rubi, a Catalan company, completed their facility in Suzhou. The project existed of a 10.000 m2 plant with office building, R&D lab and production block. Bridges connect all the buildings into 1 functional system.

August 2009

A chocolate factory in China, named Eden Chocolates, was completed in Suzhou, China. This 9.000 m2 project groups cooling rooms, lab, production facility and office building on a tight plot of land. Building was awarded with the GuSu Cup award.

October 2008

A factory with a roof garden. Morgan Crucibles stacks functions in order to save costs and puts the office and canteen on its roof landscape. Plus developped the concept, design management and construction quality control.

May 2007

Fenchurch, a UK company, completed a 5000 m2 extension to the current building. Click Here  to see this nice project. Plus was in charge of the concept design, the design management and on site control

January 2006

Van De Wiele main building is completed. 12.300 m2 are constructed with a very tight budget. The project wins the Taihu cup for construction excellence.


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